I have been working at the Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole since 2004 and have been coordinating its activities since 2009. I work on educational projects for the promotion of a culture of peace, solidarity and activism, starting from a reflection on history and the tragic memories of the last century.
I graduated in Communication Sciences in Bologna and then did a Master’s degree in “Cooperation, peace education, human rights and EU policies”. After joining the SdP, my training has continued steadily, encouraged by my colleagues, on the themes of deconstructing propaganda mechanisms, deconstructing prejudices and analysing the mechanisms of social conditioning. I am a fellow of the Columbia University of New York “Alliance for Historical Dialogue & Accountability” programme for the promotion of human rights through the recognition and analysis of the historical past and its implications on the coexistence of communities and between communities. Within the programme, I have explored the theme “Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation in Different Institutional Contexts” and “Politics of memory in post-war Europe”.

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