Sergei Shubin is a Professor in Human Geography and Director of the Centre for Migration Policy Research (CMPR) at Swansea University, UK. His research interests are in migration, poverty and inequality. He is the author of several peer-reviewed publications on migration and poverty in Europe, South America and Asia, and a Committee member (Treasurer) for the Population Geography Research Group at the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers). In the last 9 years, he secured more than £2 mn in research funding to Swansea University, including European Commission’s Horizon2020 awards for research on the Impact of COVID19 on vulnerable persons (particularly migrants), Impact of perceptions and narratives of Europe on migration, UK government’s (ESRC) award for research on social security of migrants in Scotland, Newton Fund award for poverty alleviation in Bangladesh and India, and UK government’s (ESPA) funding for inter-disciplinary research for poverty alleviation in the Amazon. Apart from academic publications, he produced three exhibitions, five short films, international music event, multi-lingual children’s storybook to publicise the empirical and conceptual insights into the migrant experiences and provide inter-disciplinary responses to international migration challenges.

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