Migration Impact Assessment to Enhance Integration and Local Development in European Rural and Mountain Areas

MATILDE is a 3-year project funded by EU Horizon 2020, focusing on the impact of migration on the local development of rural and mountain regions.

The project aims to examine how migration impacts local development and territorial cohesion in European rural and mountain regions, as well as to improve integration and local development. 

MATILDE uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and adopts an action-research approach, which that emphasises the agency of migrants and the site-specific features of the regions involved. 

Accordingly, MATILDE will conduct 13 case studies throughout Europe. Case studies are selected based on the presence of urban poles, differently interconnected with rural and mountain areas via flows of people, economic resources and cultural exchange. 

MATILDE partners work together with a multitude of stakeholders to co-construct the migration impact assessment in rural and mountain areas, engaging local stakeholders and beneficiaries, and elaborate and share policy recommendations and governance solutions. 

You can find out more about MATILDE’s policy recommendations here.